Barney Frank's retirement from politics to happen in 2012

The big passionate of poker, Barney Frank, which has been in the politics for 30 years, has recently announced its retirement in 2012. Barney Frank has been in politics since 1981 and he has fought to implement legalized online gambling in the US.

Despite the fact that he did not succeed in passing any of this kind of regulations, his contribution for the online gambling industry has been very appreciated.

Over the year, Frank has shown to his colleagues the advantages of having legalized online gambling in America and the discussions started by him have many times determined politicians to reconsider the stipulations made in their bills regarding online gambling.

After the Enforcement of Unlawful Internet Gambling in 2006, Barney Frank has struggled to get the bill cancelled. Besides that, in 2007, he had made two other bills, HR 2046 and HR 2267. HR 2267 has even been accepted by the House Financial Committee.

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