A Winner's State of Mind

To most people, poker is just a game or a type of leisure. For the professionals of this game, poker is more than just betting, cards and winning. It takes years of practice and experience to learn the strategies of the game.

A player should think of himself as a soldier preparing for battle. He needs training and proper techniques and strategies in order to succeed in his endeavor. A poker player should do the same. He shouldn't just go straight ahead on a table in a casino or an online poker table, thinking that $50 or $100 is just a small amount to lose since he seldom plays anyway. Having that attitude and approach, there is a great chance for a player to lose in a game.

In order to become a winner and a pro in poker, a player should study and take note of the strategies of the masters of the game. There is nothing wrong or illegal in watching how other players play poker. These masters or pros have years of experience with them and it is ideal to study their techniques in order for a player to have an edge.

Thinking and acting like a pro is another factor in order to succeed in poker. A pro always knows his winnings and losses up to the last penny. It is never just a "few dollars". Money is indeed the fruit of the win, but keeping track of it is the priority. Being a pro is also being mature, focused and precise with actions and decisions. A pro always thinks that poker is not just a game, it is an experience.

In playing the actual game of poker, a player with the right attitude and strategies, have the better chance of winning. Of course, it is achievable with years of continuous practice. Keeping track of mistakes and planning for a course of action to improve the game are essential in order to succeed in the next game. A pro takes his losses as challenge and an opportunity to improve his techniques.

Having the right attitude and mind set will definitely make a winning pro out of an ordinary week-end player. Think of the big picture, visualize the game and the cards you are playing, and utilize the strategies you have planned in order to win. Remember the 3 P's: Planning, preparation and practice; these are the keys to a winner's success.

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