What's Your Name Again?

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So now you know the meanings of straight flush, full house and river. But do not be too eager on calling yourself a master of poker lingo just yet. There are a whole lot of terms to memorize in Texas Hold'em poker, and most of them are used to denote the hands. The most popular ones are used for the pairs in Texas hold'em poker. Admit it, it is way too cooler to call something by another term, a term that only experts could know about. This way, you will sound not like a novice poker player, but like one of those more seasoned players of poker.

The most popular of hand nicknames is the pocket aces. Why should it no be? After all, they are the most powerful pocket hand in Texas Hold'em poker. In Texas Hold'em poker, each of the player are handed two cards face down. These two cards are known as pocket card. If you get two aces at the start of the round, then you get pocket aces, the strongest hand in pre-flop.

The next powerful hand in pre-flop of Texas Hold'em poker is the pair of kings. The pair of kings is also known to poker experts as King Kong. King Kong has two capital K's in it, hence, the pair of kings.

After the King Kong, another strong pair is the pair of queens. Most experts on poker call this hand not the pair of queens, but the ladies. In a deck of cards, the only ones which are feminine are the queens. This is why they are called the ladies.

Another high pair in Texas Hold'em poker is the fishhooks. Are you wondering what the fishhooks is? Fishhooks is the hand in which there are two jack's. Why is it called fishhooks? Look at the shape of the letter J, does it not look like a fishhook to you? Let us now go to the lower pairs. A pair of 8's in poker is called the snowmen. Obviously, an eight is shaped like a snowman, which is why two 8's make to snowmen.

The lowest pair in poker is called the ducks, which is a pair of 2's. Do not be surprised by this moniker. After all, what does a 2 shaped like? Yes, a 2 is shaped like a duck. Use your imagination.

So the next time you will be playing poker, amaze your friends using these terms.

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