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well cards are being played in the following way : the players have completed placing their bets, the dealer will give each player one card, face-up. The dealer will also get one card, face-up.Ten minutes later, the relief dealer showed up. I thought nothing of it as I continued to play, more concerned with the fact that I was now down six units than that somebody might be worried about my - bet spreads. At least, I didn't worry about it until yet a third dealer showed up about ten minutes later. Normally, the dealers in Atlantic City rotated every forty player into believing he's going to win the jackpot.

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America casino Players don't have to beat the dealer there isnt any dealer's hand. At most Let It Ride tables, the payoff is even money if the player's final five-card poker hand is a pair of 10s or better, 2-1 on two pair, 3-1 on three of a kind, 5-1 on straights, 8-1 on flushes, 11-1 on full houses, 50-

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In my opinion there is one rule in Caribbean Poker that needs very close examination by the would-be player. The fact that the dealer must qualify with an A-K or better before the player gets a proper payout on a winning hand hangs over the game like a black cloud. Let's dream a little and assume that every hand you get beats the dealer. Only 54% of the time will the dealer qualify and that means that 46% of the time you'll only get paid for your Ante bet at 1-1 no matter how good your cards are. Let's make this a little clearer with examples taken from recent play experiences of mine.

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