Find the Answers to Your Legal Casino Questions

An online casino can only be a legal casino if it is licensed and regulated in a country/province/state/territory where online gambling is legal. An internet gambling site without the proper licensing is illegally operating. Therefore, it is important that you know if the casino sites that interest you are legal online casinos.

That said, if you are still struggling with determining whether or not online gambling is legal, the answer you seek is both yes and no.  While this may seem confusing, the reason why gambling online may or may not be legal is because different countries have different laws.  Therefore, while it may be legal to gamble online in the UK, the same is not true for the US.

To make this even more confusing, sometimes although internet betting may not be allowed in a country, this does not mean that the player from this country cannot gamble when they are visiting a place where gambling on the web is accepted.

For instance, while most international or offshore legal casino sites are not available to American players, some sites still welcome US players.  Since this is the case, you not only need to check the legitimacy of a website, but also make sure that gambling on the net is a legal activity for you specifically.

To find a legal online casino, you should first begin by discovering what the most popular casino brands are in the industry.  You can easily achieve this goal by finding a legal casino guide.  These guides are provided by different sites.  Depending on the source, you may be given a general list of the top five, top ten, etc. best on line casinos, while other sites may group legal casinos according to a player's country.

Once you have compiled a list of the most popular brands, you can then begin your legal online casino investigation.  This involves visiting each site and learning about its reputation, where it is licensed, the type of security and fair gaming practices it has in place, and so on.

Playing at legal online casinos is the only way to ensure safe gambling.

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