Some Tips on Playing Longhand Limit Hold'em

Longhand Limit Hold'em is a game of patient players. As the name implies, players are tested and compelled to take their time until the best hand is attained. It is a waiting game and needs time and patience from players.

But somehow, newbie Longhand Limit Hold'em players tend to make mistakes on their initial hand. There is haste in the game play and often they tend to play the hand inadvertently due to lack of patience.

A flop can leave a player with the best hand, a not-so good hand or a drawing hand. The best hand should consist of either a full house or a 3 of a kind. A player can simply say that the odds are at his favor and his winning probability is high.

A good move for players who happen to have the best hand is to keep other players around in order to keep the pot piling up. The longer the other opponents stay, the more advantage he gets.

For a player who has a not-so good hand, he can either fold it or it could be considered as a winning hand. Folding a semi good hand is a good move since the player's position doesn't give him the right to the pot. A semi good hand can consist of an A-C, Q-D and the flop would be a K-H, Q-C, 4-S.

Having a drawing hand implies big drawing odds. For instance, a player's hand consists of 2 hearts and 2 more are on the table. The player can draw a flush. This move, however, is not advisable to a player who has a semi good hand, so try not to experiment with the wrong hand in order to be in control of your game.

If for instance a player has landed on a flop and has a low or zero-value hand, then he must have made a wrong move; could be a folded pre-flop. In this case, the only option is to fold. Remember that a hand which can be drawn has its potential to make a player rake the pot, it's only a matter of making the right decision, hence the right move.

The benefit of playing Longhand Limit Hold'em is that there is no perfect hand or situation and almost all cases are quite similar to each other. There is also no trick hand that can put off a player. Remember these moves when playing Longhand Limit Hold'em:

- When there are quite a number of players and your hand is not that promising, it is best to assume that one player may have the best hand - Fold if you have to especially when the situation calls for it - Make a pre-flop if your hand has a low value - Be observant and be aware of the game's progression, this will lead the way to success

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