When the Internet Suddenly Disconnects

One major problem that is faced by people involved in online gambling is the unreliability and instability of the Internet connection. So far, there are two types of Internet services. These are the dial-up and the broadband. Between these two types, the dial-up is more known for having those Internet disruptions or sudden disconnections. But sometimes, a broadband connection will also suddenly disconnect.

Why is a sudden disconnection a problem? For one thing, the game being played by the online casino player gets interrupted. When this happens, important information may be lost. For example, a player, who is probably playing for real money, is in the middle of a poker game. He is at the third betting round, which is after the turn. There is a large pot at stake. Then, the Internet service suddenly disconnects.

Undoubtedly, such a situation is irritating and even sounded like sabotage. The online poker player gets frustrated and can curse the ISP to the next kingdom. But he cannot do something about. Should this online poker player attempt to reconnect so that he can continue with his online poker game? The wise move is not to connect anymore.

Most online casinos are aware of such a problem regarding the Internet services. This is why they have included a feature in their poker software that deals with such a sudden disconnection. Such a program is meant to protect their online poker players.

Going back to the described online poker scenario above, when the Internet service is cut, the poker software of the online casino waits for the poker player to make his move within a certain period of time, such as 30 seconds or one minute. If, after such a period, the computer receives no information from the player, it automatically registers the poker player to be betting all-in.

With an all-in bet, the disconnected player is still considered part of the online poker game. But, like the rules in land-based casinos, the online poker player who went for all-in will have no part of the amount of money that was accumulated during the betting and raising after he has declared all-in. Such accumulated money is the side pot.

When this all-in online player has the winning hand, he will be entitled to the amount of money in the pot at the time when he was suddenly disconnected. But the online poker player must remember that this "all-in policy when disconnected" happens only for a specific number of times. Usually, this is enforced only once a day.

Therefore, when a player is disconnected and then reconnects again, he loses the all-in privilege. This is why the online poker player must not reconnect again.

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