Bet 3000 launches Multi-player Premier Roulette through Quickfire

Multi-player roulette is the latest game to be added to Quickfire’s software platform.

The world turns quickly in online gaming, especially in the field of technological innovation. Although online casinos traditionally chose one software provider and their games, a new model emerged several years ago and is becoming increasingly popular.

These new cross platforms allow operators across all software platforms to integrate games from different providers. For example, an online poker or mobile platform can offer slot games using a cross platform provider. As well as increasing the variety of games available, it also allows operators to monetize sites without having to change the style of their site.

Microgaming’s Quickfire platform allows sites to offer games in this way, with a simple integration process. Over 160 games are currently available through Quickfire, including Microgaming games and also third party content.

Multi-player Premier Roulette is the latest great game to be added to Quickfire’s canon. Based on Premier Roulette, this multi-player version allows up to four players to play at one table, and place bets at 20, 40 or 60 second intervals. It also offers bonuses and a chat application which further enhances the community feel to the game.

Bet3000 online casino has recently launched Premier Roulette through Quickfire, although the software provider promises that the game will be rolled out to all its clients in the coming year.

Spokesman for Quickfire, Ashley Sandyford-Sykes, said that player demands are dramatically changing in the online market and that Quickfire needs to respond to new trends by identifying player’s desires. Multi-player Premier Roulette is the first in a planned series of community-based games, reflecting the ever-growing social aspect of online gaming.

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