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Friday, November 17th @ 8:30pm

The Basic Gambler Skills

The amateur gambler needs to know three basic skills:

  • Playing the game in a sophisticated manner.
  • Exploiting and capitalizing on short-term winning streaks.
  • Minimizing the Casino's long-term advantage.
These skills are essential and are a must for any gambler whether a recreational one or a professional. When you have thoroughly digested the basic principles you can move on to more complex techniques. Don't jump straight to the exciting before fully understanding the basics.

Saturday, November 12th @ 9:30am

Welcome to GamblerVip's Online Gambling Blog

Welcome to our Gamblers blog here at where we will present before you all the best online gambling sites, we are still sorting things out, but expect frequent updates from us, once we get this damn CMS to work ;)

Many people ask "What is the secret to winning at gambling?". We believe the answer is quite simple - available and usable information. It's only common sense, that once you have some kind of gaming strategy your odds at the casino will improve. We have also written bits and nuggets of useful tips for those games that cannot be beaten (except by Lady Luck herself) at an online casino. There are many "best gambling sites", including sites of Poker online, but our guides try to endue you with the proper attitude towards gambling and risk taking when gambling at a casino online or a Bonus online casino. The exponential growth of the online casino sites has resulted in an increase in the number of best gambling sites and best online casinos that offer potentially useful gambling information to gamblers. We at have created this Web page to serve as a subject guide to better familiarization with Internet Gambling and casino mobile gambling. We have tried writing the guides here at - for novices as well as for the experienced gamblers with the help of a few of our friends.

In conclusion - gambling (whether landbased or internet gambling) is a game of numbers, whether its the roulette wheel, or cards. The experienced players chooses his wages on understanding of the game odds. With this knowledge as your ally, you can make smarter choices at eh betting table and perhaps turn this recreational activity to a profitable hobby.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay here while we add new online casino reviews to our website. We are always anxious to hear any comment or idea you might have, so don't be afraid and do contact us if there is anything we can do for you, like showing you how to subscribe to top casinos.

The Team

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