Getting Lucky

To be able to win at poker one will need more than just skill and guts. Most believe that there is such a thing as luck and that it is the greatest factor in the poker world. That's the reason why over the centuries of playing poker, humans have devised a lot of superstitious beliefs in poker, and here are just some of those many:

Some poker players believe in lucky items. They have their lucky shirt, or lucky shoes or lucky underwear which they wear to poker games or tournaments. Nothing is wrong with this, really, but sometimes, people are so obsessed with their lucky stuffs that they cannot play without them. When they're playing poker and were not able to bring their magic item with them, they think they're doomed to lose. With this in their mind, they could not concentrate, and really lose in the game.

While some poker players believe in lucky items, others believe in lucky rituals. One of these rituals is having sex before the poker game. Some find this ritual very useful, not only for the supposed luck it brings in poker, but it also releases tension. It is important that poker players are relaxed enough to think of their strategies. Some believers even feel uneasy when they were not able to have sex before poker games, and this is a bad thing to have since you have to be concentrated on the game.

Some superstitious poker players also have what they call lucky hands and bad hands. Lucky hands are the ones which seem weak to everybody else, but since the owner always win with them, he raises the bet with these cards in hand. On the other hand, bad hands are supposedly strong hands, but the owner somehow always manages to lose with them, so they fold each time they get them.

Online poker players have their superstitions too. They always choose their lucky color for the color of their chips, and some online poker rooms allow them too. However, other online pokers do not have this option. Therefore, the playing field for these superstitious online pokers players is limited.

You may find these poker superstitions funny and unbelievable, but remember that these are other people's belief, so you should respect them as long as they do not harm you in any way. They just want to be lucky, and don't you?

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