What Gambling Players Must Avoid

In backgammon, there are things that gambling players must always make a point of doing. On the other hand, there are also certain stuffs that these gambling players must avoid doing, like these ones:

During or after the game, gambling players must not emphasize the luck of their opponents. This means that you, as a gambling player respecting another one, should never remind your opponent just how lucky a particular dice roll of his was.

Why? Because this is an insult to any gambling player. Most gambling players would prefer to think that they are good players, not lucky players. And another thing, how did you know that he was just lucky? May be he just appeared to be lucky because he was doing the right thing, making the right decisions. So don't be presumptuous. You wouldn't want the other gambling players to do the same thing to you, right?

The same thing with emphasizing their good rolls, there is no need for you to make a big deal out of your opponents' terrible rolls. If you are trying to crush their moral to be able to win, then you really are not a good gambling player. Excellent gambling players need not to stoop that low.

If you are not really raising the stakes, why take the doubling cube to your hand? This act just means you want to intimidate the other gambling player, which is mean and cheap. In poker, this is equivalent to acting before your turn, because you are trying to see what your opponents' reactions would be. In some places, this is already considered a form of cheating, so be careful.

Speaking of acting before your turn in the gambling game poker, in backgammon, you must not also roll the dice if your opponent's turn is not clearly over yet. Your roll may not count because he can argue that he is not yet finished. Aside from that, this is another form of intimidation since you are signaling to the other gambling player to hurry up with his move. What you are actually doing is destroying his concentration, which is such a cheap tactic.

Why not play fairly and see who of you is really better in backgammon?

These are just some guidelines on what you should not do in a backgammon game as a respectable gambling player. They are just simple, so you won't have any trouble following them.

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