The Passive And The Manic Player

Let's take a look at two common types of poker players: One that thinks they can beat the low-limit game (Often times bluffing and raising). This kind of player plays like a maniac, and is usually easy to notice. Another kind of poker player is a meeker type of person: A passive player, weak and timid - what this person really does is play the game, but rarely folds or raises.

You know what makes these two types of players the same? They do not know how to play the game of poker properly. Both the maniac and the passive player barely know what they are doing. Few players like them would use strategy. The passive player will often just wait for suited cards.

Knowledgeable players will have the edge over these two types of players. Good players look at the bad players as profitable opponents. In a low limit style of game, the knowledgable player will make more money from the bad player's mistake than from his own doing, the reason being that the poor players focusing more on their cards than on the game play itself. Almost none of them ever take the time to observe what type of game their opponents are playing.

After a few turns and hits the good player will usually defeat the clueless player. This kind of strategy usually works for veteran players. They know how to play the game of poker with newbies. They are taking advantage of the situation.

A newbie, or poor player, often starts the game with very little sense of the game, and the result is an overall losing point for them. If you are playing on the internet or at a live poker table, always remember not to educate the new players. If they want to learn while playing with you, let them "pay" you with the lesson they will learn. But never chase them away: If they play a good hand, compliment them to encourage them to continue on.

Adjust your strategy based on the kind of opponents you have at the table. If you have a group of progressive players on hand, play the game by tightening up from the early position. If you are playing with the more passive type of player, play out more hands - just don't bluff all the time - this will give the other players hints about the cards you hold.

Basically, the name of the game is knowledge. Know your game, know your opponents. Don't rely on luck alone, do something about learning to study your game, using strategy that suits the game you are currently playing. Learn more about how to profit from opponent's lack of strategy. Remember, Lady Luck will not be you all the time; she will often be hard to find, but the knowledge you have of the game stays with you forever!

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