Korea Takes Action to Control Illegal Internet Gambling Problem

According to a report from the Korea times, in the first six months of 2011, the Games Rating Board of Korean Ministry had registered a four-fold increase in the amount of illegal internet gambling games to an estimated 113.  It is thought that the cause of this increase was due to a large number of casino game players being attracted to more online gambling games than regular video games.

A transaction system involving players being provided with the option to transfer virtual points into money is being used for facilitating betting of online games.  This system of transaction uses the winning virtual points players obtain for buying items and trading for cash.  This entire system goes against current gambling laws.

The problem Korea faces is that due to the fact these transactions take place in a completely virtual environment, it is hard for gambling authorities to detect illegal gambling compared to the discovery of unlawful activities that occur in bricks and mortar establishments.

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